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A: We will reply within 12 hours after receiving the message in working days. If it is an emergency inquiry, you can also contact us directly by phone or WHATSAPP 0086-15870920288.
A: We are a professional chain transmission manufacturer and one of the eight professional chain factories under Hengjiu Group, which is the leading company in chain industry since 1953. We mainly produce A/B series standard industrial chains, professional motorcycle drive chains, timing chains, as well as sprockets and other transmission products. Our Hengjiu group produces more than 16,000 different chains and sprockets covering the entire range.
A: Selected materials: Inner/Outer plates adopted hot coil cold-roll annealing 45MN material, and the most important is those 45Mn is come from large national steel factory and undergoing with very strict annealing cold rolling process. Others such as 20Mn bush, M20 cold heading seamlessrollers, 30CrMnTi chain pins, etc. All have strict quality control of raw materials, with records and data. The most important thing is that our technology and process for chain parts production and the secondary heat treatment of raw chain parts are comply with our own consistent and strict standards established since 1953..
A: We currently have 105 employees, including more than 30 technicians, including workshop inspectors in whole production processes from chain parts making, heat treatment to assembling process, full-time professional inspectors after assembly, and our professional laboratory engineers to ensure the qualified delivery of each orders from inner metallurgic structure to chain surface performance.
A: Our business philosophy is: "continuously produce superior quality, high cost-effective chains, adhere to long-termism, be a reliable qualified supplier, and to be your business partner". Firstly is to strictly control the quality of incoming materials and process control to ensure product quality, Secondly is to improve the cost-effectiveness of our products through bulk materail purchase, cost reduction and efficiency improvement, technical improvement, and equipment renewal. Ensure high-quality, reliable and stable supply services.
A: Our products are mainly sold to Europe, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa,North and South America. You can contact us directly to get a quotation or We will provide the nearest agent information for your small batch purchase.
A: Our current monthly produce capacity is 800,000 chains.
A: We provide different payment terms according to different customers, most of them are 30%-50% TT deposit. Regarding shipment, our products are transported to Shanghai and Ningbo ports by truck, and then reach destination port in your country.