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Motorcycle Chain - strive for the goal of no reason for rejection by users ?

Is it wrong to insist on product quality, or the user's understanding of product quality and product attributes are diverse. It is our consistent dream to take excellent quality as the keynote of product attributes, pursue the diversification of product attributes, and strive for the goal of no reason for rejection by users.
Take "motocycle chain" as an example. The customer group is the end consumers of motorcycles. It is not surprising that they are sensitive to price.But I've found that most consumers have a very limited understanding of what "quality" means when it comes to value.
According to international standards and industry performance, motorcycle chain extension 1.5-1% is the failure, before the effectiveness of the range is the chain service life, the vast majority of people do not know this data, so the evaluation criteria are fuzzy.
All chains elongate at the beginning of a period of use and become longer with wear and tear, but the experience of the process is different, even very different. (Test Curve). 

This elongated cumulative speed reflects the core quality of the chain is good, but the chain of superior quality and ordinary quality or even inferior quality of the price difference is not big, that for the manufacturer should be how to choose? How to make the customer have no reason to refuse to buy?
welcome your valued suggestion ,thanks.