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 So, today I'd like to talk with you about the key points
The following content is very useful, please move a good small bench to listen carefully!

Maintenance time point
Maintenance time point about 500 kilometers in the exercise, high-speed or rainy driving, chain oil will be lost, this must be maintained. In addition, ultraviolet, rain, road dust or winter antifreeze, if attached to the chain, will affect the life of the chain. Therefore, clean and oil the chain regularly.
The chain cleaning
Before cleaning the chain, please prepare the following tools: chain cleaner, towel, brush and basin for sewage.
In order to make each chain can be fully sprayed with cleaning agent, please slowly turn the wheel bit by bit, while the cleaning agent on the spray. In order to avoid the chain outside the part of the detergent, please use a towel to block. In addition, a large number of spray cleaning agent, please put the sewage basin at the bottom.
After cleaning agent is sprayed on the chain comprehensively, if there is stubborn dirt, please brush dirt. Steel brush will damage the chain, do not use, even if the use of a soft brush, may hurt the oil seal. Please use with caution. After scrubbing the chain with a brush, wrap the chain in a towel and wipe the chain clean.
During the maintenance operation, please be careful when turning the wheel: do not be caught by the tooth disk to the finger. Also be careful when spraying cleaning agents.
Chain lubrication
When the oil seal chain is lubricated, please use the chain oil containing the lubrication component and the oil seal protection component. When spraying lubricating oil, please prepare the following tools: chain oil, towel, slop basin.
In order to allow the chain oil to penetrate into the gap of each chain, please turn the wheel slowly at a distance of 3 ~ 10cm each time and spray the chain oil evenly. To avoid contamination elsewhere, prepare towels. After spraying, the excess chain oil will drip down. Therefore, please place the sink at the bottom. After spraying the chain with chain oil evenly, use a towel to wipe off excess grease.
When spraying chain oil after locomotive running, it will be applied before running than before running. The chain oil can penetrate deeper into the chain and is not easy to fly away, so as to play the best effect.
Oil filling position
Warm tips: the following content is the most important, please pay special attention!
1, between the inner and outer chain pieces
Oil seal surface coated with chain oil, can prevent deterioration, and can prevent ultraviolet and dust.
2, between the chain plate and chain pin
The oil film will be formed after the chain oil is permeated by the gap between the chain plate and chain pin, which can suppress the abrasion and reduce the noise. After oil injection, spray a little chain oil on the towel, the side of the chain will be excess grease wipe off, the edge of the chain surface attached to a thin layer of grease, will be able to protect the tip of the front and chain surface is not easy to rust.

When the locomotive running chain is warm, it helps to permeate the chain oil. Grease will seep into the chain before the next locomotive run to minimize grease spillage.
Too much chain oil will cause spillage. Therefore, appropriate amount can be, do not smear too much.
Long cruises on racetracks or high-speed roads can be a chain drag. Therefore, after high speed, please be sure to maintain the chain.
Chain adjustment
Please adjust the tightness of the chain regularly according to the chain maintenance time.
Adjust the period
Please confirm the condition and proper tightness of the chain (depending on the type of vehicle) for 1,000-2,000km. If there is any excess, the tension should be adjusted.
The appropriate value of the general vehicle is about 25-35mm. However, whether it is general road vehicles or off-road vehicles, each kind of vehicle suitable for the tightness is different. Be sure to refer to the vehicle's operating instructions to adjust for the most appropriate tightness.
Attention! Neither too loose nor too tight. If the tightness of the chain is not appropriate, the chain may fall out of the tooth disk, and easy to contact with the frame, the car body, and produce uncomfortable noise.
Too tight a chain will also interfere with the normal movement of the vehicle, and the chain will bear too much of the burden. In addition, this is also the cause of uncomfortable riding and increased fuel consumption, to pay special attention to.
Chain replacement time
[key] motorcycle_chain is consumable, must do regular replacement!
Replacement time point
The oil seal chain can run about 25,000 kilometers under the condition of good preparation, and the non-oil seal chain is recommended to be replaced before and after 10,000 kilometers. When replacing the chain, be sure to confirm the style of the chain and whether there is an oil seal (the distance above is the condition under good reconditioning condition, which varies according to the motorcycle type, style condition and reconditioning condition).
[key] what happens when the chain is stretched?
Generally called "chain elongate", in fact, is not the inside, the outside of the chain plate is slowly stretched, but the constant friction between the chain pin、plate hole、bush , resulting in the gap between the shaft cover and the internal insert. As the gap gets longer, the "chain gets longer".JIANGXI HENGJIU CHAIN TRANSMISSION CO.,LTD do a lot of technology processing in this repect in manufacturing process so as to greatly improve the chain performance.

What is a longer chain? !
Even if there is only 0.1mm abrasion of 1 chain-order, when there are 100 chain-order: 0.1mm x 100 = 1cm, it will be elongated by 1cm.
If the chain is stretched:
1. Operating impatience will worsen
2. Fuel consumption will become worse (more fuel consumption)
3. The chain noise will increase
The abrasion will become the gap between the inner and outer chain, the operation response of the throttle will become worse, unable to accelerate correctly, slow down smooth running.
When the chain is hard and straight or rusting, it will be fixed to the kaka, thus increasing the friction loss, not only fuel consumption becomes worse, the chain will also make great noise, and then affect the surrounding environment.
Regular inspection (key)
Wear is slow and subtle, so check the condition of the chain periodically. Even adjusting the length of the chain beyond the usage limit did not improve the adverse symptoms. The most serious case will lose the chain, cut, and then a major accident, so be sure to pay attention.
Dear Friend , check your chains,Is it maintained by then?